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Our history


Our company has more than 50 years of existence. Working with sheet metal and length, it has adapted over time to the needs of its customers and the markets.


From the 1970s to the beginning of 1990, the products manufactured were mainly components for the nautical field. The gradual decline of this market has forced the company to turn to new customers. Taking advantage of its expertise in the field of stainless steel, the following twenty years saw large companies invite CFC as suppliers. However, the restructuring of many of them has led CFC to review its vision for the future.


As a result, in 2010, a young succession took over the management of the company to become

CFC Fabrication Inc.







Our goals


Meet the needs of our customers and help them develop their projects.

Without having strictly speaking an R&D division, we work on the development and creation of new products with the close collaboration of the client.





Our strength


Our culture based on the quality of our workforce, a positive attitude towards continuous improvement for the manufacture of your products








Produce what does not exist in traditional trade to meet social, environmental and security needs.




For us, quality, cooperation and a reliable and lasting relationship are our priorities.






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